By 下午5:35 ,

(pw: fools)

I'm a fool to be happy only for the music.
Wishing someone's happiness with my music.
I'm a fool to sing endlessly.
You are a fool. 
You are a fool to love me.

When I'm hurt by others' stares and talks.
who were hurt more and share the tears with me.
You are a fool with that lovely tears.
who have been keep waiting for me all the time.
You are a fool with that lovely heart.

A fool, running only for his dream.
and the other fool, believing in that dream.
Their first moment together.

If there is the beginning, there comes the end.
Wishing we would still be together till the end.
Again, a fool sings for that fool tonight.

We all together, who awfully love and care about each other,
are the foolest of all.


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