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2013.08.01 04:13 (KST)


t生日快樂!! [心][蛋糕][花]
happy birthday t!!

today is your day~all yours

謝謝妳,妳總是我善解人意又可愛的朋友(現在是家人了 呵呵呵呵
thank u for always being such an understanding and lovely friend(now family hehehehe[偷笑])

希望妳保持笑容和「大嗓門!!!」 ;) [愛你]
keep up the smile and "loud voice!!!" ;)

p.s 妳是Prince的好媽媽! 啊哈 而我是好阿姨 [耶]
p.s u make a cool mom for prince! ahem and i make a cool auntie

[translated by cyl. / 轉載請註明 Your Song.]

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